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150 Career Advice Walks

So far in 2020, I’ve walked 377 miles to bring young people 150 x 60-second tips!

Back in May (when it was warm) I did a careers-help video for my stories when I was out for a walk. Someone told me that they’d seen it and so I thought I’d do a few more... and it just sort of carried on from there.

I’ve just gone past 150 videos - with one recorded every Monday-Friday since then, and a re-cap recorded every Saturday.

They’ve been recorded in the sunshine, in the rain, in the fog and, recently, in the dark.

On average each walk takes 5,500 steps. It changes a bit depending on how many ‘takes’ I have to do to get my words out in the right order! Sometimes it’s much more.

825,000 steps taken,

377 miles walked,

41,160 calories used.

I’ve had lots of fun doing them. Whenever possible, I do them in the morning, it’s a great way to start the day!

Mostly they’re on Instagram and Facebook Stories. Sometimes I put them in the main feed. If you’ve seen any of them, I hope they’ve brought you some info that’s useful.

To those of you who watch every day, I see you and I THANK YOU!

This week’s posts aren’t about how to FIND a great first job....they’re about how to KEEP your great first job

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