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A ‘Sunday Success Story’ for a time when good news is that bit more welcome than ever.

And hopefully it’s a success story that inspires other young people to keep chasing their dream even in these difficult and challenging times.

George should have been taking his A Levels this Summer, and George should have been getting A* grades in each subject. He had decided not to go to university and was hoping to get a Degree Apprenticeship with one of the top accountancy firms in the UK and then 6th Form finished abruptly. And life changed.

But positions were still being advertised, so we worked on his CV and George got his applications in. Unsurprisingly with those predicted grades, George was invited for interviews.

What did catch us both by surprise was that one well-known accountancy firm thought his mild Aspergers might be a problem for them. Hmmm. We worked together to re-frame his Aspergers as providing real benefits to a company, and with a more confident mindset George had another interview last week. The interview was changed from ‘in-person’ to a video interview, so we thought about managing that situation too.

In fact George had to not just manage a video interview, but also had to deliver a presentation , and lead a discussion online. Lots of experienced adults would have fallen at this hurdle.

And just a couple of days later it was good to get the call from George to tell me that he had secured the position with one of the UK’s top accountancy firms, who would be paying for his training and giving him a FANTASTIC salary!

George has showed real resilience in overcoming some personal feedback and has demonstrated that, even in these uncertain times, there are GREAT careers to be started and dreams to be followed.

Get in touch if you’d like me to help you start and follow yours.