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A Sliding Doors Moment for James

As an 10 year old, my favourite book asked you, at the bottom of each page, which option you wanted to follow next....and on that small choice, the story pivoted. If you recall the late 90s film, it's like a 'Sliding Doors' moment. Every day we make small choices that change our lives. Here's James 'sliding doors' story....

After A Levels James decided that university wasn't going to be right for him and he set about applying for jobs....lots and lots of them. But nothing happened. And so James came to my first 'Get My Kid A Job' seminar and he asked if I could help him find a job as an apprentice software developer. To enable him to understand a little more about software development I organised for him to visit one of the experts at Crick Software.

James had been using the apprenticeship online job site and hadn't found any software development roles. We checked again and he was opportunities in that area. But I had a hunch and changed one small word in the search box and bingo! The first job that came up was just what he was looking for. And changing that one small word has been James' sliding door moment.

After working together on his CV, he then applied, was offered an interview and then James and I spent an hour together making sure he was fully prepared for it. And it went well....because in just over a week he starts the next stage of his life's journey as a trainee software developer for a very well respected international company in Wellingborough!

Huge thanks to Siobhan Butel & Carl Vasey at Crick Software and Becky Potter at Starting Off. You guys have been awesome! If you know a young person who could use some support to get a great job just get in touch with me. I'll be delighted to help.

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