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Updated: May 24, 2020

A Sunday Success Story for a Sunday when Success Stories are a bit thin on the ground....

I’ve been helping of a bunch of 6th Formers from Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton who have decided to find a great job instead of going to university.

Just when you thought that finding a great #Apprenticeship just wouldn’t be possible in this #lockdown, along comes Dom to show us what can still be achieved.

I had the privilege of helping Dom put together his CV and then prepare him for his interview......which had now turned into a video interview.

As well as the normal interview prep work I do, we worked hard at how to communicate really well on video....and the absolute key was looking at the camera , NOT the person on the screen. It’s really really tough to do. It was made tougher when Dom’s video interview took place on FaceTime, with 3 interviewers who had an internet connection that was ‘patchy’.

We also did a ton of prep around what info to have on his desk, stuff he needed to check out about the employer, and the job role......and I was thrilled to get a message from Dom to tell me he had a secured a Degree Apprenticeship in Health Care (Neurophysiology) with the NHS.

He’ll be learning what is going on in our brains when our body has some struggles. How cool is that!

When we caught up a day or so ago Dom told me, ‘If I hadn’t spoken with you I just wouldn’t have been as prepared. And all through the interview I kept thinking about looking at the camera not their face!’

I’m so thrilled to share this Sunday Success Story.....I hope it inspires other young job seekers to keep pushing through....there are some amazing opportunities to be had!

#apprenticeships #KeepOnKeepingOn

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