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Lee Dickens Ltd has been involved in the design and manufacture of high integrity industrial and military process monitoring and process control systems for over 50 years.

So it was a really great place for me to send a young man who wanted to talk #engineering 🔧 🧰 Joshua is looking for an Apprenticeship to start this summer, when he has taken his A Levels. He knows he wants to get involved in engineering projects but hasn’t really had the opportunity to talk to people involved in the engineering sector. So, a huge thanks to Andy Needham at Lee Dickens Ltd who welcomed Joshua for a visit and a chat about his world. Meeting an employer for an hour to explore the engineering sector was hugely beneficial to Joshua, who sent me this feedback, “One of the main discussion topics were the two questions “What is engineering?” and “what do you think an engineer does?” The answers to these questions gave me a better insight into the field from an experienced point of view. When we had finished our chat, I was given a tour of the buildings. I got to see how they work and met some of the employees. I was very impressed by everything I saw and came away feeling a lot more knowledgeable about the different types of engineering” I organise visits to employers to help young people make informed decisions about how to start their careers. Get in touch if you’d like me to do that for you too! #mygreatfirstjob #apprenticeships

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