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Updated: May 24, 2020

For each of the last 4 weeks I’ve run a webinar to help young people and their parents get the information they need to find their #GreatFirstJob.

They been free to everyone and across the 4 webinars I’ve had 198 tickets booked. And people have been logging in from right across the UK and even a couple from abroad.

Absolutely Incredible!

Previously I would book a hall, bring all the audio-visual stuff over, ....and it would take half a day from beginning to end, for an hour’s session.

At the beginning of March I had no idea that I would be running these online events, and now I can’t imagine not doing them.

This week’s workshop was on ‘How to Write a Great First CV’ and the feedback was awesome.....despite us all losing contact for a few minutes whilst Virgin Media had a ‘moment’ !

Thanks everyone for your workshop to be announced shortly!

#careersadvice #northampton #northamptonshire #apprenticeships

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