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Webinars Just Got Easier

My Great First Job webinars - coming to a whiteboard near you!

We are just thrilled to be working with Uni-Connect in Northamptonshire to bring our webinars directly into the classrooms of schools in the area.

A couple of weeks ago we broadcast our ‘Personal Branding’ workshop simultaneously into five local 6th Forms. The feedback we got was pretty awesome and we’re really excited to be broadcasting again on 4th November.

The next webinar is ‘10 Ways To Find A Degree Apprenticeship’ and there are a whole bunch of additional schools joining the session. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

After seeing how well it went, we have now offered the facility to schools across the country to join together, share the cost and get great careers info to their pupils.

If you’d like your school to be taking part just ask a teacher to get in touch...we’d love as many people to get involved as possible!

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