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Luca Gets Advice From Global Food Brand Apprentice

Having a conversation with someone just a year or so ahead of you can really help you dig into career choices.

I fixed up for Luca to have an ‘informational interview’ with Tom who is a Supply Chain Management Degree Apprentice at Mondelez International.

Luca knows that ‘business’ is the direction he wants to go, but ‘business’ is a broad term and he’s not sure how to narrow it down.

Tom was in the exact same position 2 years ago and felt that the information he got from his school was pretty university focused. Degree Apprenticeships were pretty new and no-one really knew much about them....or knew anyone who was doing one.

Luca was able to ask Tom about his journey from A-Levels to Degree Apprenticeship and how he decided what roles to apply for.

Tom gave Luca some great advice - jump in and apply for a range of Business Degree Apprenticeships and then as the selection/interview process moves forward you’ll get a feeling for whether this feels like the right place to start your career. And remember, just because you get offered a role it doesn’t mean you have to accept it!

Other great advice from Tom included:

  • Develop your Excel’s used a lot!

  • Find opportunities to speak to groups of people...put yourself out there and develop your confidence.

Luca got lots from the chat and afterwards told me, “Before talking with Tom I wasn’t really sure how the mix of university and work really came together. This meeting has been really helpful.”

If you need help moving from education to employment let me know and we can fix up a time to chat it through.

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