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Huge Turnout For Degree Apprenticeship Webinar

WOW! 242 people joined my Degree Apprenticeships webinar last Monday night!

As lockdown started, and I cancelled my last ‘in-person’ seminar, I had no idea that 6 months later I’d be broadcasting about Degree Apprenticeships on a rainy Monday night to over 240 people, from right across the UK! Incredible!!

What made the session really work was the input from Tom, Sam and Nicole.

Hearing first hand about the different types of Degree Apprenticeships, how COVID has affected their experience, and the benefits they were getting from their particular mix of employment and education was so informative...and really authentic.

We had so many questions to deal with that we couldn’t cover them we’re producing a Q and A sheet to send out the attendees.

Today’s job is getting the broadcast and vacancy sites info out to everyone who asked for them. Busy day!

The next webinar is on October 12th - “HOW TO WRITE YOUR GREAT FIRST CV”.

Book your free ticket and I’ll see you there

For more webinar updates and advice, follow @mygreatfirstjob on social media.

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