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Well Degree Apprenticeships were popular!! 81 people were online with us on Monday to find out more...the best attendance yet!

Huge thanks to everyone who got involved in Monday night’s free webinar ‘Degree Apprenticeships - What Are They All About?’

Thanks for the great feedback too! It seems that our Monday night events are really meeting a need for young people and their parents.

Degree Apprenticeships really are a hidden secret....and I’m not sure why. Who wouldn’t want to know about doing your degree, having no student loan, and getting paid a decent salary all at the same time?

Massive thanks to Tom and Mary for joining us and sharing their experiences of being a Degree Apprentice....and really interesting to hear about the completely different ways their Degree Apprenticeships were running.

What was striking was that both Tom and Mary were thrilled with the choice they made, and were having a great Degree Apprenticeship experience.

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