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Double interview success for Tom!

Back in February Tom and his mum came to the "Get My Kid a Job" seminar in Towcester....and it was great to hear from them again a couple of weeks ago. Tom had an interview in a few days time and they wondered if I could help him get prepared.

I drove over to Tom's house and spent an hour or so giving him some fail-safe techniques for making sure that the employer really gets to understand the skills and attributes that he would bring to them. We also looked at asking great questions, and how Tom could make sure the interviewer knew that he had really prepared for the interview.

A few days later it was great to get the news that not only had Tom been offered the job....but he'd had another interview and had been offered that one too!! And so now he had a choice.

Great to get a text from Tom saying "The advice from you definitely helped considering I was offered both jobs!"

I really encourage young people to understand that they are also interviewing the company...and they should leave the interview not just waiting for the result, but also deciding whether they'd like to work there. In Tom's case he really did have that decision to make...and make it twice! And now he can say that he is starting 'My Great First Job'.

You can find more about my Interview Preparation work on the "services" tab on my website.

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