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Dude...where's my interview?

Interviews can be a bit nerve-racking for even the most confident young be sure to get off to a great start by following this simple tip....

A day or two before the interview, take a drive over to the company and make sure you know exactly where it is. If you don't drive ask a parent, a relative or friend to take you. If it's at a big company you might find that there are several buildings all close together with their logo check out in advance which one you need to go. There's enough can trip you up without arriving on time but then going to the wrong building....and now you're late...and now you're anxious...and now all your preparation and confidence has gone right out the window!

If you go in the evening or at the weekend, then you can also check out what your “entrance” will be like. Do you walk straight into a reception or is there a buzzer/video entrance system to navigate? Maybe you need to check-in at a security gate first of all? Knowing what happens when you arrive will mean that you can prepare for it, you won't get flustered, and you won't have to worry about the first impression you've just made.

Following this easy tip will mean that you can be really confident that you know where you are going, that you know if you need to allow extra time to get through security, and you can plan what to say when you arrive. And because that's less to worry about, you can concentrate on being AMAZING and getting #mygreatfirstjob!

And of course you won't have to say "Dude...where's my interview?" which will be a good thing.

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