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Employability Coaching With Northamptonshire Schools

It was great to be with the 6th Formers from The Ferrers School, Rushden Academy and Huxlow School yesterday.

These 3 schools work together to create a post 16 learning experience - The East Northants College.

Yesterday was a ‘Futures Day’ for the students and I thrilled to be part of it.

For half an hour, 24 of their students joined me for a video session on 'Employability'.

We looked at:

• How to develop a network of people who can help the sectors that interest them.

•How to develop a network of people who can help them.

• Ideas on how to use social media to connect and communicate with experienced professionals.

• Opportunities to use online learning and talks to create a bank of info that will go straight into their CV.

I’ve been delivering ‘open access’ webinars on Monday evenings and this was my first ‘school-specific’ online session.....and it was such fun.

All the pupils and staff were at their homes. Everyone logged in on time, and afterwards, I was able to send the session recording to those who asked for it.

Welcome to the new world!

For more info on webinars and general career advice, follow My Great First Job on social media (@mygreatfirstjob).

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