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I’ve been working with some of the 6th Formers at Thomas Becket School in Northampton. I’m helping them to meet employers or experts from the sector they hope to work, train or study in.

Zaafir wanted to find out more about the Apprenticeship in Accountancy I knew he needed to talk to Helen Deacon at Starting Off.

Starting Off run an award-winning Apprenticeship programme for trainee accountants (check back to last week’s series on Training Providers and you’ll find more info there) and so Zaafir went along today to find out more. I spoke with Zaafir afterwards and he told me how informative he found the visit. He was particularly interested in the information Helen gave him about post-Apprenticeship progression routes......and the exam exemptions he would get having completed an AAT Apprenticeship. So he’s not just able tothink about what comes next.....but what comes after that too. Huge thanks to Helen Deacon at Starting Off for finding the time to see Zaafir and give him all this information. #aat #apprenticeships #accountancy

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