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On Set: Filming Day For Ethan and Louis

And after an afternoon of filming.....The Degree Apprenticeship video is a wrap!

Huge thanks to Ethan Codling and Louis Sheldon from Moulton School for bringing their expertise, their equipment and their enthusiasm to yesterday’s shoot.

Earlier this year, My Great First Job received some funding from the #iwill Fund to enable us to make some videos that helped young people get better informed about career decisions.

And what better way to do it, than to hear from a young person who is already treading the path that you are thinking of taking for yourself.

And so the project sees young people, making videos about young people, for young people.

Degree Apprenticeships are a bit of mystery to lots of people so it was wonderful to hear from Tom Greenhalgh who gave up his time to share details of his Degree Apprenticeship at Mondelez International.

So now it’s over to Ethan and Louis to do their magic and make it all look wonderful..... and then we will be able to share even more information about Degree Apprenticeships in our school presentations and webinars.


Thanks to Northamptonshire Community Foundation and #iwill campaign for funding the project. More videos to come.

For more video updates and career advice, follow @mygreatfirstjob on social media.

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