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10 Ways to Find a Great First Job

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to last night’s webinar - ‘How To Find A Great First Job’.

Around 60 young people joined us for an hour as we looked as different ways that you can not just look for jobs, but actually create them and, along the way, make yourself incredibly employable.

It was such a pleasure to have Tom Wood with us again. Tom took us through the steps he took to secure a great job at ACS Office Solutions; from an initial 30-minute informational interview, he then showed us the power of a hand-written note, how volunteering/work experience can be really effective, and why personal connection is super important.

Owen Smith chose the pandemic as the right moment to move from one career to a completely different one and he did an awesome job of it! We heard about the free online learning Owen did so that he had the basic electrical info he would need, and so he could also talk the right language.

Owen then talked us through how he took his details to local trade counters to get his information into the hands of local contractors. Such a smart move!

We’re back on December 14th for ‘Degree Apprenticeships - What Are They All About?

Have a great day!

To stay up to date with our webinars and 60-second videos packed with tips and information about careers, follow us on social media (@mygreatfirstjob).

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