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Well that seemed to go well! The first ‘My Great First Job’ webinar in the bag!

2 weeks ago, when I had just cancelled a seminar, and was feeling a bit low I had no idea that new opportunities would present themselves so quickly. A quick mention to the fabulous work being done by Sam Moinet @StudentBreakthrough (you should follow him!) whose own online seminar that I was on inspired me to have a go.

Last night 31 people jumped onto a CV Writing webinar I ran .....and the feedback has been great

“Thank you so much...I found it very clear and helpful” “It was really helpful thank you” “Thank you so much for this today. Very concise and useful”

I’m going to re-run the seminar next week....and get developing another one too.

This is a challenging and difficult situation that we all find ourselves in....but from this adversity can come new opportunities and new ways of thinking if we are open to them.

#northampton #bepositive #cvwriting

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