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Hands up if you’re son or daughter is leaving school and doesn’t know what they want to do?

Georgia was in that position 18 months ago. Georgia was working as a waitress in a job she didn’t like and didn’t know what she wanted to do. Georgia thought that it would probably be a job indoors....and thought that probably meant that it would be in an office. But that was as far as she could go.

When a job came up that was in an office, was reasonably local, and was in a well respected company, Georgia applied and was successful ....and she jumped online to tell Lewis how much she absolutely loves her job!

Lewis is where Georgia was 18 months ago...and it was great to sit back and hear this confident young lady shine a light on her job in such a positive way....and also to encourage Lewis to not over-think jump in, be positive, work hard and just see what happens.

Georgia told Lewis all about her Apprenticeship training and the qualifications she will get. Georgia really hopes to stay with her employer after the Apprenticeship, but also knows that if that doesn’t happen she has great experience and a great she’s not worried at all. And what a great position to be in.

Lewis told me afterwards how helpful and inspirational it was to talk with Georgia.

Georgia came to my very first ‘Get My Kid a Job’ seminar and it was such a treat to see how her career has developed, and that she is now able to share that experience with young people who are following just behind her.


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