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Great seminar in Towcester!

I've got to admit, when I realised that my Towcester seminar was running on the same weekend as the F1 Grand Prix just a couple of miles down the road, my heart sank a little and I wondered if anyone would brave the traffic and come along. I couldn't have been more wrong! And there was no traffic either!

Towcester looked gorgeous decked out in Union Jacks, and a quick coffee in Ten Hands Café set me up for a great morning.

I love delivering these workshops at The Sawpits's such a great facility, with great staff and not only that, they help promote the workshop for me as well!

As always, each young person there had a different starting wanted to find a holiday job, another wanted to find a part time role when he goes back to uni, and another is looking for a job but has no idea yet what it might be! Others were looking to build confidence, start freelancing or knew what they wanted to do, but were unsure how to get there. A real mix of ideas and ambitions.

After a 75 minute presentation...including one young man bravely allowing me to pile props onto him to demonstrate the skills he had already developed....we then had a bit of time afterwards to chat and think about what comes next.

After needlessly worrying if anyone would even make it to Towcester, there was some great feedback:

"Great bitesize session. Very Informative. Liked the way the key skills were demonstrated"

"Really useful and engaging"

"Lots of good tips to set you apart from the rest"

"Great...was at the right level and covered the right things"

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with some of these young people as they look to find "My Great First Job".

I'm running my next seminar in Grange Park, Northampton on 22nd July. Details on my events page.

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