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For the second week on the trot over 50 people joined the webinar. Awesome!

This week it was ‘How to Find a Great First Job’...and it was great to have so many people with us online to get some great tips.

Young people, parents , careers teachers and graduates .....we had a great range of people online. As we went through the event, there was a real sense of community, with people posting questions and others offering up suggestions from their own experiences.

The emphasis of the session was on taking personal control of your career.....thinking about who you wanted to work for and then planning your attack!

We also heard from Henry, a young man who shared his experience of ‘networking’ with the people from the sector he wants to work develop his contacts and his knowledge.

As they left the session, so many young people posted their thanks in the group chat, that it showed me just how much this type of practical help is really valued.

#onlinelearning #careers #apprenticeships

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