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Updated: May 24, 2020

This Sunday’s Success Story has had a really positive impact AND was really rewarding to watch.

Andrew is a Management Accountant at logistics company, Knights of Old. He’s about 5 years down the career-road from Tom, who has just finished his A Levels and is also looking to start a career in accountancy.

On Wednesday night I fixed up for Andrew to have a video call with Tom to talk with him about his career journey, and give Tom the opportunity to talk directly with someone doing the job he wants to do.

They talked about Andrew’s job - from his early tasks through to the responsibilities he has now . Andrew reflected on his experiences from the AAT qualification (absolutely invaluable!), the benefits of working for a large employer, and what qualifications he was working towards now. And Tom had the opportunity to ask a whole bunch of questions.

Watching someone I’m helping now, get advice and guidance from someone I helped around 5 years ago, was a real privilege.

And at the end of the call I know that Andrew felt good about helping someone else, and Tom had the information he needs to make an informed decision about his career. Success!

Best advice of the call - “You’ll get out what you put work hard, get the qualifications and take the opportunities”

#aat #careersadvice #apprenticeships

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