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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I posted on Linked In about Henry, who had just finished his A Levels and was exploring careers in the green/renewable energy sector. I wanted to organise for him to talk to some key people in that world, so that he could develop his understanding of the opportunities available and skills needed.

Huge thanks to Martin Fahey of Mitsubishi Electric - Automation Systems UK Gavin Stokes of sonnen, Charlie Fraser of Octopus Electric Vehicles Richard Johnson of Veolia. They all saw the post and reached out to offer their help and arranged video calls with Henry.

I caught up with Henry last week and he told me,

“ I have had such interesting conversations with people working in the world I want to be in, and have learnt so much along the way. Before each video-call I researched their businesses, which really opened my eyes to the range of products in the green energy sector. These chats have completely confirmed that this is the right career path for me to follow. Thanks to everyone for giving up their time.”

Henry is now applying for Degree Apprenticeships in this sector....and has plenty to put on his application form!

A really nice addition is that when Gavin Stokes heard about my work he was so keen to help that he offered to jump onto the CV writing webinar that I ran for young people...and then blew us away with his pictorial career map.

And I caught up with Richard Johnson almost 30 years after helping him find his first job!

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