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Holly Lands Her Great First HR Job

Let’s start the week with a bang!

I’ve just got this message from Holly...and what a brilliant way to start the week!

Holly found my free online webinars on Facebook and signed up for 3 sessions:

  1. How to Find a Great First Job.

  2. How to Write a Great First CV.

  3. How to Absolutely Smash Your Interview.

On one of the sessions, Holly asked if I knew anyone in HR that she could chat to....and it just so happened that there was a lady online who could help her. Thank you, Sarah Ward!

I helped Holly and Sarah get in touch with each other.....and left them to it! Then I got Holly’s message telling me of her success.

I asked Holly what she had found really useful from the webinars and she told me:

  • The tips I gave on interview preparation made her feel really confident.

  • Talking to someone in HR beforehand worked really well and helped her demonstrate that she knew that the job role would suit her.

  • Remembering to tell the interviewer that she really wanted the job.

It’s great to see that another young person I’ve helped has found a great job.....even in this lockdown!

I hope Holly’s success inspires other young people to work hard at finding their great first job!

For more success stories and advice, follow My Great First Job on social media (@mygreatfirstjob).

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