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How Facebook can help you get a job!

Young people use social media as a key part of their life…they stay connected, follow influencers, get creative, have fun….but they don’t often use it to help them find a job. And that’s a missed opportunity.

Facebook is a space that increasingly seems to belong to adults. Lots of young people have a Facebook account and are connected with aunts, cousins, grandparents, mum’s friends, parents of mates etc…but they don’t really post much onto it. It has become the place where family members can keep in touch with you…and you with them. And the place where your mum puts pictures of you!

The fact that Facebook is a bit more adult-y makes it the perfect place to get help when looking for a job. Lots of your adult ’friends’ will be working and if they can’t help you, they are really likely to try and find someone who can. Because that’s what friends are for!

So if you are looking to be eg, a car mechanic, put something like this as your next status post,

“Hey everyone. I’m really interested in working as a car mechanic. Do any of you guys know someone working in a car dealership that I could have a chat with?”

And now your network of relatives, adult friends and contacts will be working hard to try and help you. And because social media is all about being social, make sure you thank them for any suggestions and keep them up to date with your progress.

Of course you could go straight for the kill and ask if anyone knows of any trainee car mechanic jobs, but that might limit your responses a bit.

This way you get to talk with people who are doing the job right now and will have lot of industry contacts…and that is going to provide a shed-load of benefits for you. But more on that in a future weekend tip.