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It should be subtitled ‘Getting your sh!t together’ as this young man told me that his mate had said ‘Go and see Dale....he’ll help you get you sh!t together.’

Now there’s a strap line for the business! 😂

I started working with Elliott 3 or 4 weeks ago.....he was working in retail but really wanted to start a career in Estate Agency 🏠 🏠 🏠

And I thought that Estate Agency would indeed be a great fit for him......Elliott has great communication skills, some decent customer service experience, and had spent a year previously in telesales. He just didn’t know how to make it happen.

I helped him polish up his CV and then contacted a couple of Estate Agents to see if he could go in and just have a chat with them about the day to day tasks they carried out. (Thank you Jackson Grundy and Taylors in Duston!)

Well he made such a great impression that Taylors got in touch with him and invited him in for an interview at a different branch. I met with Elliott so that he had the tools to smash the interview👊.......and he did just that!!! A day or so later and Elliott was thrilled to tell me that his Estate Agency career starts right now!

I asked Elliott what part of our work together he found most valuable and he told me that our interview prep session meant that he was able to go into the interview full of confidence that he could get the job.

What makes this Sunday Success Story even better for me was that Elliott was recommended to me by his mate Connor....who I had recently helped too. And now Elliott is recommending me to one of his mates!

Have a great week everyone......and if you know a young person who is looking to find their Great First Job, tell them to book onto my seminar. Details in yesterday’s post.

#apprenticeships #firstjob

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