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How to use this Summer to smash your uni interview

The Summer that comes at the end of Year 12 is a wonderful time of hope.....A Level exams are an age away (and they can stay there thank you very much!) and yet in just over a year you could be getting ready to escape off to uni! You want the time to go slowly but quickly too!

Whilst all that hope and sunshine and relaxing is going on, the 6 weeks across the Summer might be your final chance to make your personal statement really sing, so that universities are lining up to offer you a place or an interview.

What's your answer to this interview question? "You write that you are really passionate about xxxx. That's really great. What have you done about it so far?" Or, "You mention that your dream is to work in the field of xxxx - what experience have you gained of that so far?"

If the answer to these questions is to 'Gulp' and wish you had done something....well you can! But do it now.

This would be a great time to find people to talk to who know about your subject, or the work you eventually want to do. Make contact with some local companies or organisations that interest you...explain that you are really interested in studying their field of work at university, and ask if you can come and visit for them an hour to find out a bit more about their work.

Set up some online alerts so that you keep up to date with the key issues being talked about in your chosen field.

Now instead of gulping at the question, your interview might go a bit more like this,

"You write that you are really passionate about Law. That's really great. What have you done about it so far?"

"Oh, I spent some time over the Summer visiting a firm of solicitors, calling in to watch a session at the local court, and I did a couple of sessions volunteering with a community aid group that provides legal advice to people who can't afford to use a solicitor. I also subscribed to a couple of legal newsletters and magazines and I've registered to attend a careers event with the Law Society". Smashed it!!

And why this Summer? Well in 6 weeks time you'll return to Year 13, the work will ramp up and the 6th form staff will be all over your personal statement. There won't be the time there is now. So, as is often the case NOW is a really good time!

If you think that, in reality, you're really gonna someone to help you get all that sorted, I can do that for you. Check out the "services" tab on my website.... and if you think that could work for you, just get in touch.

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