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Inspiring a Future Digital Marketer

Having the opportunity to talk to one expert is then find out it’ll actually be two experts is just AWESOME!

That’s the opportunity that was given to Jess who is exploring a career in marketing.

I organised for Jess to speak to Hannah Brady from The Brady Creative....a brilliant marketing company led by a real role model for young people. Not only is Hannah carving out an enviable career in marketing, but she is also the current Vice President of Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Next Generation’ Chamber. Wow!

Also in The Brady Creative is Hannah’s mum Helen who has 25+ years of experience in the same field of work. She joined the call and brought her own experiences and perspective which Jess found super-useful.

Jess told me afterwards how inspiring the zoom call was. “It was amazing! The hour flew by! I’m so excited after speaking to them....they have given me some great advice and things to check out. Thank you so much for setting it up for me.”

After the call, Hannah was incredibly generous and sent Jess an email with loads of websites, online courses, books, and social media accounts for Jess to check out.

Jess forwarded the email onto me saying, “This might be really helpful for other young people looking to get into marketing.”

I imagine with that positive, generous spirit to accompany her A-Levels, it won’t be long before a company snaps her up and gets Jess’s career in marketing underway!

Thanks, Hannah and’ve both been a real inspiration!

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