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25 Schools Unite for Interview Webinar

What a reach! Students from 25 different schools joined Monday night’s webinar on interview skills!

As a result of this life-changing COVID virus situation, lots of people have been changing the way they think about work, and that has certainly happened here at My Great First Job.

As lockdown started we moved our sessions online and have been really thrilled to see more and more young people joining...and from right across the country.

A huge thank you to teachers for taking the time to share the information about our online events.

Next Monday is ‘Personal Branding - How to Make Employers and Universities Love You’.

In the meantime, it was great to have pupils and students with us for last week’s ‘How To Absolutely Smash Your Interview’ session from all of these schools/colleges/universities.

To keep up to date with upcoming webinars, follow My Great First Job on social media (@mygreatfirstjob).

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