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Is your Voicemail message a bit....weird?

Look, I know it’s a phone, but you don’t use it as a phone do you? You don’t ring people...and the only people who call you are your parents, and people even older than them. Oh but’ve just put your phone number on your CV and the chances are the potential employer isn’t going to WhatsApp or Snapchat you....they’re gonna call you on your phone. And of course you won’t answer because you don’t recognise the number. And so they get to hear your voicemail message that you put on when you were 14 years old and thought it would be cool to link it to the new Star Wars film. And to be fair it might still be.....but take 5 minutes today to just check that out. Hey, having an ‘interesting’ voicemail message might not be a big problem....but forgetting how interesting it is, well, that might be more so. Do a quick check today and make sure you know what message you’re giving.

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