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Following on from Sunday’s post here’s another example of a young person helping another young person to start a successful career.

James came to my very first free seminar in Duston in October 2018. After that event, I organised for James to spend some time with someone working in software development , we found a great Apprenticeship opportunity and worked hard together to be really prepared for interview.

18 months later, it was great to see James now helping a young school leaver following in his footsteps.

James (the Zoom call was interesting with both of them being called James!) is also looking for an Apprenticeship in Software Development having just finished his A Levels in Computing, ICT And Maths.

The two James chatted about the Apprenticeship training programme, the day to day job roles, personal development opportunities and generally what it was like to start a career in software development.

Once again, I saw how powerful it is for a young person to talk to someone just a year or two older about their own Apprenticeship experience. And once again it was a privilege to watch someone I’d helped previously, now helping someone just starting out.

#northampton #apprenticeships #softwaredevelopers

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