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Get a Job With a Company That Isn't Advertising

“Dale, if I hadn’t contacted you, I’d still be stuck looking for jobs online”

Jack got in touch with me a few weeks ago to ask if I could help him start a career in finance.

Jack had already been in touch with a local apprenticeship training provider and he had started an online ‘basic accounts’ course...great work!

So our work together was going to be about finding some employers for Jack to talk to.

We polished up Jack’s CV note and identified a bunch of local accounts/finance companies for Jack to reach out to. None of them were currently advertising for staff.

Jack sent a letter and his CV to these companies, and within a week had a reply from a finance company who invited him in for a chat.

I helped Jack prepare for the meeting and was pleased that he felt everything had gone well.

Actually, it had gone really well because Jack messaged me on Friday to say the company had offered him a great job, with a terrific salary.

Jack told me:

“Your approach to finding a job made all the difference. Dale, if I hadn’t contacted you, I’d still be just looking for jobs online. You helped me really prepare for the interview.....and the notes I took with me meant I wasn’t worried about forgetting anything.”

Jack moved away from just searching for jobs online and started contacting the companies he wanted to work for. And it really paid off for him.

If you need help landing a job with a company who isn't advertising, get in touch. I’d be pleased to chat with you.

For more success stories and advice, follow My Great First Job on social media (@mygreatfirstjob).

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