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Josh Gets The Low Down on Product Design

Having a conversation with someone who is where you want to be, and is only a few years ahead of you, can be really inspirational.

And it has been such a privilege over the last few weeks to be able to fix-up a bunch of these conversations.

Josh is one of the 6th Form students I’m supporting from The Duston School. We’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the world of Product Design, which is where Josh would like to be.

I fixed up for Josh to have a conversation with Ben....a talented member of the design team at FREM. Ben is doing the work now that Josh really wants to do in the future - designing great furniture for office/retail/commercial environments.

Ben was incredibly generous with his time and advice. He walked Josh through his own journey.....through university, his placement year, first employment, through to his job at FREM.

He gave Josh some great advice about getting skills on key software packages such as SolidWorks and Autocad and advised him to really work hard on his sketching skills. They talked about some key Instagram accounts and where to get decent sketching pens.

They also explained what orthographic drawing was for me (I love a new word)!

Ben did a degree in Product Design at Northampton University. I suspect that Josh has been inspired to follow in his footsteps.

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