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Neighbourhood Policing supporting Careers Work.

Rozalia has just finished her A Levels and has been considering a career in the I wanted to organise a visit that would give her a real insight into the day to day work that a Police Constable carries out.

A huge thanks to PC Sarah Whitehead who is a Neighbourhood PC in #Duston, Northampton. PC Whitehead found time to meet with Rozalia and chat about her role in neighbourhood policing and how it supports the local community.

In her feedback Rozalia said that the most interesting part of the visit was ‘learning about the everyday duties of police officers, some of which people are not usually aware of.’

I really recommend any opportunity to talk to people working in the world you are interested in. Not only do you get to hear about the job directly from someone doing it right now....but it's a great way to make contacts and perhaps get opportunities to grab some valuable work experience.

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