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Our future is in safe hands!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

The level of talent, commitment, resilience & initiative I've seen from the A Level students I've met recently has been absolutely incredible. We can all relax, our future is in safe hands!

Huge thanks to Elaine Pointon at RS Components for enabling two of these young people to see what working in a major employer in Northamptonshire looks and feels like.

Austeja from Corby arrived in this country from Lithuania six years ago unable to say anything in English except 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'. Over the Summer she watched films with the subtitles on so she could learn our language before starting school. Austeja is about to finish A Levels in Geography, Biology and Chemistry and is predicted passes at A, B and C respectively. And all the while whilst holding down a part-time waitressing job!

In 30 years of helping young people find their first job, I would struggle to think of anyone who impressed me as much at Tom did. With 13 GCSEs already in the bag, and predicted to get straight A grades at his A Levels, his level of preparation for interview would trounce many adults....his insight about what sort of employer he wanted to work for was incredibly mature.

Lodge Park Academy and The Duston School can be really proud of these 2 outstanding young people.

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