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Owen's Great First Electrician Apprenticeship

Hard work, determination and a new approach bags a career-change for Owen!

I met Owen earlier this Summer when we had a zoom call to talk about how he could change jobs in this difficult Covid world. Owen wanted to become an electrician and really needed to find an employer where he could do an Apprenticeship.

After getting his CV sorted and emailing/posting it to potential employers he got.......nothing! We needed a better plan!

We decided that Owen needed to get his details right in front of the electricians themselves. So after making up some contact cards, Owen spent a couple of days driving them round to the electrical wholesalers in Northampton and Milton Keynes, where electricians buy their stuff every day.

The staff in the wholesalers were really supportive and some even photocopied his cards so they could give them out.

He got a couple of calls from electricians saying they had picked his card up....but no jobs yet.

And so 2 weeks later off he went again, re-visiting EVERY SINGLE WHOLESALER to give them an updated contact card and have a chat.

And then the hard work paid off!

A firm of electricians rang and offered him 3 days work experience.....which then turned into another 3 days work experience.....which has now turned into an Electrical Apprenticeship starting in September!