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Ethan's Great First Radio Station Placement

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

What a great message that shows that when you do stuff.....stuff happens!

Ethan has shown up to a whole bunch of the webinars that I’ve run and he often comments afterwards about how helpful they have been for him, and how he has used the information.

Ethan is interested in music production and he asked me to look over a letter he was sending to a radio station. He’d done a great job and after we’d added some more content, I sent him details of other community radio stations I knew of.

It was great to then get a message from Ethan on Friday to tell me he used the info, along with skills from the webinars and our conversation, and he’d got himself an offer of a great work experience placement at a station I’d told him about!

Chatting a bit more, he told me about some videography work he was doing with a friend, and I was so impressed with his self-starting attitude and positive outlook that I’ve asked them to make a video for My Great First Job.

One of my favourite sayings is..... “If you do stuff....stuff happens.”

This young man is doing a great job of showing how that works!

For more success stories and webinar info, follow My Great First Job on social media (@mygreatfirstjob).

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