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A social enterprise is a business with a social mission. It’s all about doing good in the community through business.

Earlier this week ‘My Great First Job’ was represented at the launch of the Northampton Social Enterprise Town Project. A whole bunch of social enterprises have come together to show what a difference they can make...and we are thrilled 😃 to be part of this initiative.

You might not know that a percentage of every one of our invoices 🧾 is put into a separate fund. 💷 This will be used to fund ‘free to everyone’ sessions and services in the parts of our community where young people face significant challenges to reaching their potential. And even though we’re pretty new, we have nearly raised enough to run our first programme of events. So when parents buy our career services they are not just investing in their son/daughter; when schools buy in our support they are not just investing in their pupils.....but they are all investing in their community too. And that must feel pretty good. So big-up to all the social enterprises working hard to not just be a fantastic business......but also committing every day to make a difference to their communities. 👏 #socialenterprise #careersadvice #makingadifference

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