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Aisha moved to Northampton, by way of South Africa , after doing her GCSEs in Zimbabwe . Aisha then enrolled at Kingsthorpe College, where she worked hard to gain 3 A Levels.

Aisha really wanted to pursue a career in Law, but just wasn’t able to find the right openings and so she had been working in a local bar/restaurant......and then one of her former school teachers (Kingsthorpe College’s Diane Fisher) suggested she contact me.

We met just before Christmas. I helped Aisha really polish up her CV and then set about searching for positions she could apply for. It really wasn’t as straightforward as it could training provider didn’t welcome candidates with A Levels (fundamentally because it reduced their funding)....another just didn’t reply.....but we found a couple of openings, and together we worked through the online application process. Really quickly an interview was organised, and on Friday Aisha contacted me to tell me she had been offered her first legal job, with a terrific salary, at a well known firm of solicitors with a strong local and national reputation. Awesome! When I met Aisha this afternoon she thanked me for helping her and told me, “I knew what I wanted to do......but I just didn’t know how I could get there. You’ve helped me achieve that.” And that makes my heart sing 💓🎶 #rewarding #careersadvice #legalcareer

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