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On Tuesday I went to a talk by Samantha Power who worked in President Obama’s office, was the US Ambassador to the United Nations and had been a freelance war correspondent in Bosnia. It was run by The Guardian 📰. (Search Guardian Live for their events)

On the 🚆 home I was thinking about how many talks there are, many of them free, that young people could go to that would:

1) Be great if it’s your area of interest 2️) Help make you standout at a uni or job interview 3️) Provide extra content for coursework 4️) Show you that you belong in these spaces too.

The Guardian Newspaper Events Team are currently running some free lunchtime talks. These events are part of Fresh Voices, which showcases inspirational young people from the worlds of literature, activism, stage, and design. You should check them out. They are FREE! In my home town of Northampton a quick Google brought up a talk at Northampton Student Union ‘Let’s Talk About Race’ and a local café, The Dapper Sandwich Company is hosting a Cafe Scientifique talk ‘The Sitting Disease’ which looks great for young people interested in Human Biology or Sports Studies. I found local talks on the meaning on women’s tattoos, the benefits of sport on mental health....and a little bit further afield I found ‘How to Hunt a Submarine using Maths’!! Cambridge University have public talks available including ones on Air Pollution and Public Health, Mysteries of Modern Physics and ‘Eruptions, Emissions and Enigmas’ all about 🌋 . Check out what talks are available locally and at universities close by that you could go along to. I just Googled ‘talks in xxxx’ and out the towns I can get to. I’m interested in politics and world affairs and at talks I’ve been along to I’ve been able to hear people right at the centre of events share a perspective I would never have known about. Check out what’s available in topics that you like......and keep being interested!…

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