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The Mayor of Northampton - "My Great First Job" was....

Naz Chaudary is the 779th Mayor of Northampton, in a role that stretches back to 1215 when Walter Tilly became the first recorded Mayor of the town. Aged 35, he is not only one of the youngest Mayors Northampton has ever had, but he is also the first Mayor of Northampton from the Muslim community.

I caught up with Naz in the Mayor’s Parlour at Northampton’s Guildhall. Naz told me that his ‘Great First Job’ was in a meat factory...he’s also worked on a factory belt folding steel, in a mailing house and in countless part time jobs before going on to run a business with his brother.

After he sold the business he dedicated his time to public service and became a Labour Councillor in Northampton....leading 8 years later to becoming the 779th Mayor of Northampton.

From working in a meat First Citizen of his home town! What an inspiring story to launch the ‘My Great First Job’ video series.

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