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A good news story to finish the week!

And the first chance to use our new ‘Great Job’ Sticker!

I have been helping the A Level leavers from The Duston School who decided not to go on to university, but to develop their skills whilst in employment instead.

And this week Tom has been able to celebrate having secured an Apprenticeship in Accountancy, to start in a week’s time.

Our work together has included.

* Helping Tom develop a CV that would really work for him

* Organising for Tom to speak with an accountant

* Introducing Tom to an Apprenticeship Training Provider

* Preparing Tom for his job interview

And all achieved during lockdown. IT CAN BE DONE!

Tom was obviously really delighted with the outcome.....

“Thank you for the continued support while I searched for a job during this strange time. Your help enabled me to open doors before I had even started my career and I cannot thank you enough :)”

What a great way to end the week.......Good Luck Tom as you start your new career!

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