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A Thank You Post!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the absolute privilege of meeting a whole bunch of you online on Monday evenings.

We’ve spent an hour or so together, getting a better understanding of how to write a CV, absolutely smash an interview and Find a Great First Job.

On most of the broadcasts now I invite a ‘guest’ young person to share their own experiences and pass on their knowledge/experience of how their career has started. Without fail I have been bowled-over by how articulate, confident, informative and generous they have been.

It’s felt like a bit of a Monday night community, with a whole bunch of you coming along most weeks...or dropping in when the topic is of interest.

So thanks for brightening up these tricky times. Who knew when I cancelled my last ‘in person’ seminar that something even better would come from it.

See you next Monday for ‘Degree Apprenticeships - What On Earth Are They All About’. The link will go up tomorrow lunchtime.


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