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What time should I arrive for my interview?

Too early and you’re a bit of a pain.....bang on time and they'd be wondering if you were coming....and late, well if you’re late you had better be super- amazing in this interview.

The best time to walk through the door is 5 minutes before the interview. Any earlier and the company might have to entertain you, make you a drink (don’t have one! I’ll cover that in another post) find you somewhere in the office to sit. It can be a pain. I’ve known people arrive an hour early thinking they’d look keen. Hmmm....they just looked like they hadn’t read the details. Heck, I’ve even known people arrive a day early....they hadn’t read the letter!

Walking through the door with 5 minutes to go also means they aren’t wondering where you are, and you have a few minutes to sign in and compose yourself. You haven’t got to talk to the receptionist for too long and you can have a quick look at any company info they have left for visitors to read.

So if you‘re walking through the door with 5 minutes to go, it figures you’ve got to be there earlier than that....and I reckon 15 -20 minutes is about right. Park nearby and sit in your car, knowing you’re in the right place at the right time. If it’s a nice day, walk around the block and go through your preparation in your head. Just don’t lurk around the entrance where anyone can see might look a bit scary, and scary is rarely a good interview look!

Have a great interview.....and good luck getting #mygreatfirstjob

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