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Alongside my careers work I run a voluntary community youth group in Northampton called Liberty. It’s like an American High School Band - brass, drums, dance and tuned percussion. 🥁🎺

Well on Sunday they won their class at the British Championships 🥇....and with that every single one of those kids enhanced their career prospects. Actually just by being in the group they had already done that....but the win provides an extra cherry 🍒on top for their CV.

To the young people right now it’s just drumming, dancing or playing music and being with their friends.

It’s also music to the ears of interviewers, but they will hear a different tune. They will hear team work, commitment, personal responsibility, organisational skills, tenacity, communication.....and will understand that they have pushed themselves in rehearsal to be the best they can be.

Of course that can only happen if the young people tell them 🎤 about their achievements!

Make sure on your CV, and at your interview, you don’t leave out or underplay the non-exam stuff......your qualifications will get you into the interview room, but it’s your life experiences that will then help get you the opportunity.

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