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32 years ago I was taking my first steps in Youth Careers work at a YTS company in Northampton. I’d just returned from working at Butlins in Pwllheli where YTS Trainees from across the North West and West Midlands would have a week’s Winter residential.....and I had come home to get involved.

I found a job at Link Training, a YTS company, and one of the first young people I worked with was Amanda. We found her a placement at Cobby’s Florist 🌷 and I’d visit her every 4 weeks to make sure that Amanda and her friend Mylissa were doing great and learning stuff. 28 years ago, when I got married, they both helped with the flowers for our wedding. Over 30 years later, with more than a touch of deja vu, Amanda’s daughter Loren came along to my seminar in Northampton. I knew she was coming and recognised her straight away. Loren wants to be a Tax Accountant and will be looking for an Apprenticeship...and whoever employs her will be mighty lucky, because Loren is one smart young lady. In another wonderful twist of fate, Amanda’s fellow florist, Mylissa, also popped back into my life recently as she is married to a colleague and friend.....and we just hadn’t made the connection. What an absolute privilege to be involved in starting Amanda’s career back in the late 80s and then be able to play a small part in starting her daughter’s career 30 years later.

I love my job! :)