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You want the Job? You gotta tell 'em!

So you've filled in the application form, waited to hear back, prepared for the meeting, pretended it's OK if you don't get it, and you've sweated your way through the interview.....and now you really want this job. In fact you really really really really really want this job. Maybe even another 'really' on top. And another one.


Your big chance comes at the end of the interview when you're doing the 'shaking-hands-thanks-for-coming' bit. Look the interviewer straight in the eye (but, hey, not in a scary way!) and say to him/her:

"Thanks for seeing me today. Can I just tell you I would really (really really) love this job...and I'd really love to work here."

In my experience companies look to employ people who want to work for THEM. I've seen lots of occasions when an interviewer thought of all the candidates were great, but went with Candidate A because she "told me she'd really like the job". Often I'd know that all of the candidates would love the job....but the opening went to the person who actually told them!

And when you get home you've got another shot at letting them know how much you want to work for them.

Send an email to the person who interviewed you, telling them how much you enjoyed meeting them and finding out more about the company...and that you wanted to be sure that they knew you would really like to work for them. Get someone to check over your email before you send it just to make sure you haven't got any typos in it.

Maybe there will have been a stronger candidate, or just someone who lives closer, and so you still might not be successful.....but you will have left a great impression and there just might be another role coming up soon that get advertised because they remember you!

If you'd like an extra boost to make sure you get My Great First Job just get in touch. I'd love to help you!

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