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Yesterday I watched on as one young person inspired another...and it was such an uplifting and positive experience.

Justin wants to be a photographer and I organised for him to have a Zoom call with a Sophie, and her husband Kyle, who are carving out great careers in that world.

They talked cameras and their lens.....but most all they talked about opportunities.

Sophie really encouraged Justin to get his photos out there for everyone to see; to be taking photos wherever he could, and of whatever was around. Sophie gave Justin some great tips on tagging people/buildings/events so that his work is seen.....and to offer his skills for free so that he got as much exposure as possible.

We spoke about the difficulties of the Covid-19 situation.....but Sophie was again upbeat and offered suggestions about how Justin could thrive and get some great photos.

It was impossible not to get wrapped up in all the positive vibes......and it’s clear that Sophie’s success is not just because she’s great with a camera, but because she is a force of positivity!

You can check out Sophie’s work on Facebook @SophieAnnPhotography and Justin’s work on Instagram @justinyardy. Give them both some good vibes!