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Daniel Gets His Great Work Experience Placement

Work experience placement sorted in less than 24 hours! The webinar worked😊

A couple of weeks ago I ran a webinar “How To Find a Great Work Experience Placement” and the following day I saw that I’d been tagged in a LinkedIn post that said:

“Incredible webinar session Dale Willis. Not only intriguing, but also clear and effective. Such an eye-opener 👀. Many Thanks to mygreatfirstjob :)” Daniel

I messaged to say thanks, and hope it would help, and it turned out it already had, so I jumped onto a call to hear more!

Last December, Daniel had been asked by his school to find a work experience placement for this Summer. Revising for January’s mock exams took all of his focus , and then he sent out some generic emails to companies in the financial sector, but nothing came of them. Finding a placement was going nowhere.

And so when his school shared details of My Great First Job’s Work Experience webinar he booked his place and joined the evening workshop.

Daniel told me that straight after the webinar he ‘threw his pride away’ and followed my NUMBER 1 TIP:

👉 Tell Your Parents! 👈

Daniel hadn’t really discussed his work experience at home as he wanted to try and sort it all by himself - he thought it would reflect better on him, and that it would be much easier to sort. I’m pretty sure we all get that.

Anyway, Daniel’s mum is a nurse and so when she went into work the next day she emailed the Financial Director of the NHS Trust - straight to the top! - and asked if he knew anyone in the NHS Trust who might be able to help?

The Financial Director emailed back and said there was no need to contact anyone else - he would be delighted to give Daniel the opportunity to shadow him for his work experience.

Work experience SORTED just 22 hours after the webinar finished…after weeks of trying! Thanks Mum!! 👏

If you're still looking for a work experience placement make sure you've got your parents/carers involved - adults know so many more people who can help than 17 year olds do.

And don't presume they don't know anyone that can help - as this example shows....parents have great contacts!


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