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🎬 Degree Apprenticeships - What Are They All About?

Degree Apprenticeships Information

Oh no! Did you miss our webinar - Degree Apprenticeships - What Are They All About?

Or maybe you want to jump back in and listen to the degree apprentices who were our guest speakers on the session.

No worries - we've got you! 😀

👇 Here's the link to the recording so you can get all the information:

You'll be able to discover different models of Degree Apprenticeships, find out how the funding works, get a sense of the salaries available and the qualifications needed......and hear from Jamie who has just been successful in gaining a Engineering Degree Apprenticeship and Luke who is just coming towards the end of his first year as a Solicitor Degree Apprentice.

The feedback on the session was pretty awesome:

"Nothing it was great thank you!! I have pages of notes and definitely so much more interested in degree apprenticeships - thank you to Dale and the speakers for giving their time up, amazing session"

"Honestly such a great session, very informative for student and parent. Learnt lots. Great webinar. Fab to see and hear from apprentices! Thank you!"

"I have heard a little about degree apprenticeships but didn't know where to look for more info, this has been amazing and so helpful. I was looking for my 15 year old going forward but I now realise my 18year old can look at this as an option too! He is still in college but I know this could be something that works for him once he's finished his current course. I can start doing research from now which gives plenty of time without feeling under pressure. Thankyou!"

Hope you find the session useful.

And don't forget connect with My Great First Job on our social platformswhere we share vacancies, info on insight days and tips on applying for Degree Apprenticeships.

Huge thanks to South East Midlands Careers Hub, Jamie Everitt and Luke McLaughlin for their support with this webinar.


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