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🎬 Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn for Students

Oh no! Did you miss our webinar - LinkedIn For Students?

Or maybe you want to jump back into the content as you get your profile up and running.

No worries - we've got you! 😀

👇 Here's the link to the recording so you can get all the information:

You'll also be able to hear from our special guest Nianh Ho from Personal Branding experts WOAW!

The feedback on the session was pretty awesome:

"Really useful as a careers teacher. Lots of useful information to think about and share with students. Thank you"

"This was such an informative and useful session. I signed up for LinkedIn recently but had no real idea of how or what to use it for. I randomly found this webinar through an email from my college careers team and decided to join. This webinar has been soo useful in equipping me with the information I need to start properly building my profile and I will definitely be linking with the team in the future to help grow and develop my career profile. Thank you once again!"

"Wow, just so amazed by how much detailed information was given in just an hour. Learnt so many new things to assist me with my early career. Very informative!"

Hope you find the session useful.

And don't forget connect with My Great First Job on LinkedIn!

Huge thanks to South East Midlands Careers Hub and Nianh Ho from WOAW for their support with this webinar.


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